Hydration has never been easier



The beautifully designed Frosted Grey HydroFuel Bottle is made from the highest quality materials whist also being shatter and impact resistant making this the most advanced sports bottle money can buy.

The toxin free Tritan co-polyester material mixed with the Frosted Grey finish gives an extremely luxurious feel.

This Changes Everything...


Superior Functionality 

From the Locking Lid, 1-Touch Open or the lid grip... The HydroFuel Bottle design is unparalleled in it's quality and it's functionality.


1-Touch Opening

No Unscrewing, No Flipping the Lid, No Fuss... Just 1-Touch Open. When you're out of breath and need a drink this amazing feature is your best friend!


Leak Resistant Locking Lid

Surrounding the 1-Touch open button, the locking clasp gives you total protection from leaks while carrying in your bag, on the car seat or any time you fancy!


Your favourite fruit... INFUSED

Food grade silicon seal

An air tight seal around the cap means that your bottle is completely leak and dust proof. Coupled with the Leak Resistant Locking Lid, theres no need to handle with care.

Internal infuser

Infuse your favourite fruits, herbs and vegetables easily. Just throw them in, add the infuser plate and get that fresh infuser taste with no bits!

Wide opening for easy re-fill

A wide bottle opening making it easy to fill without getting water everywhere and perfect for adding in larger fruits chunks to be infused.


Free Hydration Reminder App

Smart Reminders

Staying hydrated promotes your cardiovascular health.

Personalised Hydration Goals

Input your weight, gender and activity level to get a daily target just for you.

Custom Notification Times

Edit when you receive notifications so you're not woken up before your alarm.

Available on the App Store_2.png
Available on the App Store_2.png

Environmentally Friendly

One person switching to a reusable water bottle saves an average of 217 plastic bottles going to landfill every year.


Bisphenol A (BPA) Free

BPA is a compound used in many plastics during the manufacturing process, but not in ours!

No Plastic Taste -

Reusable for Years -

Drop Proof -

Toxin Free -


Provides a superior feel and extreme strength out performing glass, plastics and just about every other material!

- Super Durable

- Vibrant colours

- Impact resistant

- Luxourious feel

Tritan Copolyester Material

  •  10 vitamin packed fruit infused water recipes

  •  Easy to follow instructions

  •  Perfect alternative to sugary drinks

  •  Ideal for weight loss, detoxing and cleansing your skin

  •  Automatically emailed to you after purchase

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